Macron Offers to Help Lift Black Sea Embargo

The French President’s office released a statement on Tuesday confirming that President Emmanuel Macron spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin through a phone call for the first time in a month following a call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday.

According to the statement from the Elysee Palace, Macron told Putin he was willing to negotiate with international organizations to find a way to lift the Russian blockade on exports of food goods via the Black Sea.

Macron also appealed for a cease-fire, allowing evacuations from the Mariupol steel plant to resume, and “called on Russia to live up to its responsibilities,” the statement read.

“I have called on Russia to live up to its international responsibility as a UN Security Council member by putting an end to this devastating attack,” the statement quoted Macron.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin said Putin told Macron the West must stop supplying weapons to Ukraine.

Putin also accused Kyiv of not taking talks to end the conflict seriously, the Kremlin added.

“The West could help stop these atrocities by putting relevant pressure on the Kyiv authorities, and halt the supply of weapons to Ukraine,” Putin said.

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