Curfew Raised in Jodhpur after Hindu-Muslim Riots

Curfews were maintained for the second consecutive day on Wednesday, May 4, in Jodhpur city, Rajasthan in response to the recent inter-communal violence. 

Jodhpur City Police issued the curfew order that took effect on Tuesday, May 3, after tensions erupted late Monday night over the placement of Islamic flags atop the Jalori gate circle, resulting in stone pelting that injured five police officers.

The trouble started over the Muslim community putting up Eid flags to replace the Parshuram Jayanti festival flags put up by Hindus. 

According to a report by local news channel India TV, the significant police deployment kept the situation under control, but tensions re-emerged after the Eid Namaz on Tuesday morning, when some people threw stones near the Jalori Gate.

Police resorted to using tear gas rounds in order to disperse the rioting communities. 

A separate report by the Indian News Express said there were already 97 individuals arrested in connection with this inter-communal violence. 

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