711 Journalists And Media Workers Killed In Syria Since 2011

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) said Wednesday that over 711 journalists and media workers have been killed in different violence and attacks in Syria since the beginning of civil war in 2011.

In a report on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day 2022, SNHR said 52 reporters were lost their lives due to torture at the hands of the parties to the conflict and regime forces.

According to the report, Syrian regime and its Russian ally are responsible for approximately 82% of the death toll of journalists and media workers, and the Syrian regime is responsible for approximately 91% of the death toll due to torture in the regime’s detention centers.

SNHR said another 1,563 journalists and media workers received injuries to varying degrees during the span of time, and at least 1,250 journalists and media workers were detained and kidnapped by warring parties across Syria.

SNHR branded Syria among the worst countries worldwide in the freedom of press, opinion and expression. “Throughout the era of the despotic rule of Hafez al Assad and his son Bashar al Assad, Syria has never witnessed freedom in journalistic or media work,” SNHR statement reads.

SNHR said the ongoing Syrian regime’s crackdown on the freedom of press forced the social activists to try to fill this huge gap and turned into a journalistic mission to provide credible coverage of the events in Syria.

“The social activists assumed responsibility for reporting, filming and photographing news, at great danger to themselves,” SNHR added.

SNHR Director, Fadel Abdul Ghany said that the Syrian regime “rules Syria with an iron fist,” and have completely banned all political parties from activities, and also strongly oppose formation of an independent media outlet.”

“There will be no freedom of the press, opinion, or expression as long as dictatorship and tyranny remain,” Ghany said.

The SNHR called on all the parties to the conflict to immediately release journalists and media workers who have been arbitrarily detained.

Syria has been locked in a vicious civil war since 2011, in which hundreds of thousands of people have been killed and millions of others displaced.

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