Israel Accuses Iran of Recruiting Agents via Facebook

Israel’s internal security agency (Shin Bet) on Monday said that Iran is using a fake Facebook profile to recruit Israelis to collect information on targets in their own country.

The Times of Israel reported that a young Jewish woman under the name of “Sara Puppi” with a fake Facebook account which belongs to an Iranian agent is trying to become friends with Israelis.

“The profile already has thousands of friends, with most of them from Israel and conversation soon continues over WhatsApp after becoming friends,” the outlet quoted Shin Bet in a statement.

Puppi during the conversation would have asked her Israeli friends to gather information on Israeli figures and promised them thousands of dollars in return, it added.

Shin Bet agency also said that one of its officers posed a friend with Puppi, where she asked him for information about Israelis who were of interest to Iranian intelligence.

“Puppi was also asking about Arab diplomats and businessmen in Israel with an intention to harm them,” the agency added.

“Emotional and romantic manipulations were also used by the operators in order to get more information,” it added.

The agency also said they were monitoring the alleged Iranian operation from the beginning.

Iran has been engaged in recruiting Israeli for intelligence or terror activities through fake social accounts. Earlier this year, Israeli forces detained five Israelis that were involved in assisting an Iranian operative, who often pretended to be a Jewish man.

Israeli forces also detained another Israeli man in 2020 on the suspect of spying to the government of Iran.

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