Iran Security Forces Arrest Dozens of Teachers On Labor Day Protests

Iranian security forces have arrested dozens of Iranian teachers who joined May Day marches across 21 cities of the country to demand salary increases and to criticize government officials for their failure to meet their demands.

The protestors urged the implementation of the Civil Service Management Law and equalizing pensions, with the allocation of sufficient funds per capita to schools.

The protesting teachers also called on the government to immediately release the detained teachers by chanting slogans “Teachers don’t belong in prison and tyrants don’t belong in Iran.”

The demonstrations were initially peaceful but violence broke out in the capital Tehran when the police tried to stop the demonstrators, Radio Zamaneh reported.   

Police detained a number of protestors and also tried to forcefully prevent the teachers from marching around the city but did not specify the exact numbers of those who were detained.

A number of teachers were also wounded during the violence while there were no reported deaths.

The protestors also called on President Ebrahim Raisi and parliament Speaker Qalibaf and warned that they would launch a massive uprising if their demands were not met.

Protesting teachers also planned to gather outside Iran’s parliament to vent their anger but Iranian police dispersed them. 

Police also detained a number of teachers in the city of Marivan in western Iran but did not mention how many. 

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