EU Anti-Fake News Agency Starts Work Against Chinese Propaganda

The European Union’s anti-fake news agency has started to publish fact-checked reports in Chinese to counter Chinese propaganda.

Over the past few weeks, EUvsDisinfo had published two articles in Chinese, debunking fake news about the war in Ukraine.

The European External Action Service (EEAS) said on a Twitter post Friday that Russia has been spreading lies about Ukraine allegedly developing biological weapons. “The rumor not only attempts to justify the brutal Russian invasion, but also denigrates legitimate biological and epidemiological research around the world, jeopardizing global public health,” the Twitter post said.

A spokesperson of the EU Commission said that the EUvsDisinfo articles were meant to provide Chinese-speaking audiences with fact-based reports “to help raise awareness of disinformation surrounding the war in Ukraine.”

Ivana Karaskova, founder and leader of MapInfluenceEU, said that aside from Russia, China has also been targeting European audiences with anti-systematic messages.

In March, the European Parliament found that authoritarian countries, including Russia and China, have been manipulating information to influence and disrupt EU democracy.

EU Commission said that EUvsDisinfo has covered in the past China’s propaganda on Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine. EUvsDisinfo has also dedicated a team of three experts working specifically on Chinese propaganda, the commission added.

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