Britain Pledges $375m More Aid for Ukraine

The government of the United Kingdom pledged Tuesday another  £300 million ($375 million) to support Ukraine in its continuous battle against Russia.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in his address to the Ukraine Parliament that the UK will continue to provide support to Ukraine.

“We will carry on supplying Ukraine, alongside your other friends, with weapons, funding, and humanitarian aid, until we have achieved our long-term goal, which must be so to fortify Ukraine that no one will ever dare to attack you again,” Johnson said to the Ukraine Parliament.

Johnson said the government will send radars to pinpoint the artillery bombarding Ukraine, heavy lift drones, and thousands of night vision devices as part of the UK’s new package of support for Ukraine. He also pledged Brimstone anti-ship missiles and Stormer anti-aircraft systems in the coming weeks, as well as armored vehicles to evacuate civilians from hard-hit areas.

In April, the UK said it will provide Ukraine with 120 armored vehicles and $500 million in World Bank loans.

Ukraine, together with international organizations like the United Nations and Red Cross, is continually making efforts to evacuate civilians in Ukrainian cities that Russian forces have seized.

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