Temperatures Reach 60°C in Parts of North India

Satellite images of the land surface captured by the Sentinel-3 mission showed that the land surface temperatures over parts of northwest India exceeded 60 degrees Celsius on Saturday.

“… the Sentinel-3 mission was able to obtain an accurate measurement of the land surface temperature of the ground, which exceeded 60°C in several areas,” the European Stace Agency (ESA) reported. 

According to the ESA data, the surface temperature in Indian cities Jaipur and Ahmedabad reached 47°C, with the hottest temperatures recorded in the southeast and southwest of Ahmedabad, with maximum land surface temperatures of around 65°C.

The Indian Meteorological Department recorded maximum air temperatures of 43-46°C over northwest, central and east parts of India, with forecasters warning of heatwave conditions until May 2.

The weather agency declares a heatwave when the temperature is at least 4.5 C (8 F) above average.

Earlier, India recorded its hottest March since the country’s meteorological department began its records over 120 years ago.

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