New Mexico Villages Evacuated Over Wildfires

Officials of New Mexico in the United States have continued to issue mandatory evacuation orders to thousands of residents in its mountain towns following massive wildfires that started a week ago. 

According to updates from State Fire officials, evacuation orders for Colfax and Mora Counties residents have not changed despite containing 69% of the Cooks Peak Fire.

A new fire burning “450 acres and growing” has also been reported 10 miles north of Snow Lake, on the Gila National Forest, Reserve Ranger District, and close to Bursum Road, 18 miles southeast of Reserve, NM.

“The fire is burning through grass and timber across gentle topography. Fire behavior is described as running with 4’ flame lengths. The spread potential is high. This area is heavily used by the public and several homes and other structures are in the area,” State Fire Officials reported.

Earlier, fire officials said that high wind speeds on Friday caused rapid-fire spread east toward Las Vegas and south across Gallinas Canyon.

“It appears that part of the fire that had continued to grow through the night collapsed and sent a lot of embers out and caused some significant fire growth to the south,” operations section chief for a Southwest incident management team Jason Coil said during a briefing Saturday.

The US government also issued red flag warnings for parts of Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

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