Gazprom Top Brass Mysteriously Die of Suicide Within Three Months

At least six Gazprom executives were found dead from apparent suicides within the past three months which fueled speculation that their deaths were ordered by the Kremlin.

Alex Raufoglu, a correspondent from Newsweek released a tweet that contained the names of the six Russian gas executives who have passed away since January, namely: Sergey Protosenya, Vladislav Avayev, Vasily Melnikov, Mikhail Watford, Alexander Tyulyakov, and Leonid Shulman.

The body of Alexander Tyulakov top, a Gazprom financial and security executive was found hanged on February 25 in the garage of his £500,000 house, however local accounts alleged that Tyulakov was battered before he died.

Earlier this week, the body of Protosenya was also found hanged outside his Spanish villa earlier with his wife and daughter hacked to death inside, however, according to local accounts no suicide notes were recovered at the scene, and no fingerprints from the homicidal weapon were discovered.

“Sergey did not do it.” Anatoly Timoshenko, a friend of Protosenya’s told UK news outlet DailyMail.

Avayev and his family were found dead in their Moscow residence the day before Protosenya’s death also in an apparent suicide.

Tyulakov, Protosenya, and Avayev were managers of two significant private enterprises that manage Russian President Vladimir Putin’s finances.

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