France’s Power Grid Strained After Shutting Down 50% of Nuclear Reactors for Maintenance

France decided to shut down half of its nuclear reactors for maintenance which has put a strain on the country’s power supply.

Electricite de France (EDF) shut down 28 reactors due to corrosion issues that were discovered at numerous facilities, which necessitated extensive inspections and repairs.

EDF also confirmed that its 1,300-megawatt Golfech-2 reactor in the south of France was shut down for maintenance on Friday.

According to the World Nuclear Association, France is the world’s greatest net exporter of energy, earning almost €3 billion each year due to its low cost of generation.

Recycled nuclear fuel also accounts for 17% of France’s electricity.

EDF plans to import power from the European grid “to compensate for our nuclear facilities’ lack of production.”

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