Amazon Ends COVID-19 Paid Leave for US Workers

Amazon will no longer give paid time off to its U.S. workers who test positive for COVID-19 and told workers it is “returning to standard sick leave policies.”

The U.S.-based staff will now get five days of excused, unpaid leave when diagnosed with COVID-19, Amazon told workers in an internal announcement seen by media outlets.

“The sustained easing of the pandemic, ongoing availability of COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, and updated guidance from public health authorities, all signal we can continue to safely adjust to our pre-COVID policies,” the company said in the notice.

Amazon had offered employees up to two full weeks of paid sick leave if they contracted COVID-19. It was reduced in January to one full week of paid time off.

Amazon will also stop sending site-wide notifications of positive cases in its facilities, unless required by law, and end vaccine incentives.

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