4-Year-Old Dutch Boy Takes Mother’s Car For Joyride

A 4-year-old Dutch boy took his mother’s Max Verstappen for a drive in his pajamas on Saturday.

Utrecht police said that the four-year-old woke up on Saturday morning after his father left for work and seized the keys to his mother’s car to go for a drive.

Police in Utrecht added that the child crashed into two parked cars and was seen alone by a bystander walking around in his pajamas and bare feet.

After concerned bystanders called Utrecht police officers to pick him up, they received a report of an abandoned vehicle that appeared to have hit two parked cars.

Utrecht police said they called the boy’s mother when they found out that the Max Verstappen was registered to her.

Utrecht police added that the boy imitated driving and made movements as if turning a steering wheel.

“We then realized that the child may have been the driver,” Utrecht police said on Instagram.

Utrecht police gave the four-year-old some hot chocolate at the police station and a teddy bear before reuniting him with his mother.

Utrecht police officers advised the parents to hide their car keys in the future.

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