UK Nonprofit Says Two Aid Workers Held by Russian Forces in Ukraine

The Russian military have reportedly captured two British volunteer workers who were providing humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

The U.K.-based non-profit Presidium Network said Paul Urey and Dylan Healy were working to evacuate a woman and two children from the area when they were detained by Russian forces at a check point south of Zaporizhzhia on Monday.

The organization said the two civilian men were working for a Joint Humanitarian Operations Centre project in Ukraine to help deliver food and medical supplies to the war-torn cities. 

“The Foreign Office is doing all it can to support and identify these two people,” the British trade minister, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, told Sky News.

The news came after the U.K. government confirmed that a British national was killed and another was missing in Ukraine. Local media has reported that the dead man was an army veteran who had traveled there to against Russian forces.

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