Toxic Foam Spreads Through Bogota

Authorities of the Colombian capital Bogotá warned residents against getting too close to the blanket of foul-smelling foam, which was seen drifting through the streets, hovering over houses and businesses.

“The smell is terrible – [and] we’ve had to put up with this foam for a long time… We’re running a risk. Someone could fall down there, and we won’t be able to find them,” Community leader Luz Mariela Gómez said.

Local environmental authorities said that heavy rains and the waste, chemicals, and detergents that people dump into the river system could have caused the polluted foam.

Meanwhile, Mosquera Mayor Gian Gerometta claimed that the buildup of pollution was partly due to a blockage caused by plants in the river. 

“It is important that children are kept away as we do not yet totally know what this material is,” Edwin García, a government environmental official said.

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