Suspected Islamic State Gunmen Kill Seven Syrians During Ramadan Iftar Meal

Suspected Islamic State (IS) terrorist group gunmen opened fire on a group of people who were gathered for Iftar (breaking the fast) hosted by a former government official in eastern Syrian, killing seven people while four others were wounded.

Syrian Operatory for Human Rights (SOHR) and Euphrates Post News website reported that the Wednesday night attack in the Abu Khashab area in Deir Ezzor province targeted the home of a former spokesman of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

“SDF Spokesman Nour Hameesh invited his friends for a (fast breaking) meal, when IS suspected gunmen on motorcycles opened fire on them,” according to Euphrates Post.

Nouri Hameesh is among those killed in the firing, the outlet said, adding that IS militants intensified attacks, mainly targeting the Kurdish-led SDF and also Syrian forces after the “terrorist lost majority of territory” in the region.

Meanwhile, SOHR said they have documented 82 operations carried out by the IS militants since early 2022 across Syria.

At least 63 people, among them 25 civilians and 38 members of the SDF, and other military personnel, were killed in these attacks, the SOHR added.

SOHR said it had not included in the list the recent Ghuwayran prison attack carried out by dozens of IS militants, in which hundreds of people were killed and wounded.

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