South Korea Arrests Two For Leaking Military Secrets to North Korea

South Korean police have arrested an army captain and a businessman suspected of leaking military secrets to a person believed to be a North Korean agent.

Seoul officials said that the army captain and the businessman were formally charged with violating South Korea’s anti-Pyongyang national security law, but they have not found the location of the North Korean spy.

The 29-year-old army captain allegedly gave login details of a military-run computerized command and control system to the North Korean spy and received a cryptocurrency worth 48 million won ($37,710) from the North Korean spy.

South Korean police said that the 38-year-old businessman, who operates a virtual asset management firm, allegedly handed the captain a wristwatch with a concealed camera to help him steal intelligence in March, but ended up using his smartphone.

South Korean police added that the businessman also faced a charge because he tried to use a Poison Tap USB computer hacking device in March to gain bigger military secrets in a possible collaboration with the army captain after getting $600,000 through cryptocurrency from the North Korean spy.

South Korea’s military on Thursday confirmed the arrest of the captain, saying it will sternly deal with any attempt to undermine national security.

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