Putin Warns Again Against Foreign Intervention in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned any country trying to intervene in the Ukraine war will face a “lightning-fast” response. 

Putin made this remark during a meeting with Russia’s Council of Legislators on Wednesday. 

According to the report from the Russian News Agency (TASS), Putin stated that he discussed the prospect of such a situation “right from the start of the special military operation” in Ukraine.

“If someone from outside moves to interfere in the current developments, they should know that they will indeed create strategic threats to Russia, which are unacceptable to us, and they should know that our response to encounter assaults will be instant, it will be quick,” Putin said.

The Russian president highlighted that Russia could retaliate with capabilities that its adversaries lacked.

“We have all the tools to do it, the tools that others can’t boast of at the moment, but as for us, we won’t be boasting. We will use them if the need arises and I would like everyone to be aware of it. We have made all the necessary decisions in this regard,” Putin added in a statement published on TASS. 

After withdrawing from areas near Kyiv, Russia started a strong offensive to conquer the Donbas region last week.

On Tuesday, Western leaders met in Germany to pledge more military backing for Ukraine.

In that meeting, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin promised in his remarks to move “heaven and earth” to ensure Ukraine’s victory.

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