Protester Throws Tomatoes at French President Emmanuel Macron During His First Public Appearance After Re-Election

A protester threw a bag of cherry tomatoes at French President Emmanuel Macron but missed him while he was on his first public outing since winning the election.

Macron was talking to a small crowd at a market in the town of Cergy, northwest of Paris, during a surprise visit on April 27 when someone threw a bunch of tomatoes, whizzing by Macron and hitting bystanders.

Macron’s security swiftly covered his head with their hands before opening a black umbrella to shield him and escorted him away from the scene.

A video caught the incident and Macron can be heard saying, “No! No fighting.”

The Élysée Palace said that the visit was Macron’s way of “listening to people’s concerns, expectations, and needs.”

“I want to give a message of respect and consideration to these areas that are among the poorest in the country, right from the start of my mandate,” Macron said in Cergy, a working-class area with a population of around 65,000 people.

Macron continued to greet people and shake hands after the incident.

On Twitter, Macron thanked Cergy and said, “I will be there for our neighborhoods throughout my tenure.”

Macron is due to start his second term next month after he secured an election victory on April 24.

Macron is expected to name a new prime minister and government in the coming days.

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