IAEA Warns of Possible Danger at Occupied Zaporizhzhia Facility

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director-General Rafael Grossi said the level of safety in Europe’s largest nuclear plant is like a “red light blinking” as it is currently under Russian military occupation in Ukraine.

Grossi said that the IAEA needs access to the Zaporizhian nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine so its inspectors can, among other things, reestablish the site’s connections with the Vienna-based headquarters of the UN agency.

According to Grossi, there are still two active units in Zaporizhia, and others that need repairs, and his team had to perform technical and inspection activities.

“So the situation as I have described it, and I would repeat it today, is not sustainable as it is… This is a red light blinking,” Grossi added.

Grossi also said that he’s working on pressing Russia’s government to give them access to the Zaporizhzhia plant, adding that there should not be any military activity within and around the area.

“So this requires a lot of activity on our side and cooperation. Cooperation from the Russian side,” Grossi said.

“We cannot afford to stop. We have to continue. It’s in the world’s interest,” Grossi added. 

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