Gazprom to Stop Supplying Gas to Poland and Bulgaria

Russian energy giant Gazprom said on Wednesday that it stopped gas exports to Poland and Bulgaria for failing to pay for gas in rubles.

Gazprom said that it had halted supplies to both Poland and Bulgaria due to payments not being made in the Russian currency and that it would resume exports after the two countries made their payments in rubles.

Gazprom implemented Russian President Vladimir Putin’s new decree requiring payment for gas supplies in rubles last March.

“Payments for gas supplied since April 1 must be made in rubles via new account details, of which the counterparties were duly informed. In this connection, Gazprom Export has notified Bulgargaz and PGNiG of the suspension of gas supplies from April 27 until the payments are made according to the procedure outlined in the Decree,” Gazprom said in a statement.

PGNiG purchased 53% of its imports from Gazprom in the first quarter of this year.

Bulgaria, however, relies on the Russian energy firm for over 90% of its gas supply.

Gazprom also warned Poland and Bulgaria against any unauthorized withdrawal of gas supplies passing through their territories.

“Bulgaria and Poland are transit states. In case of unauthorized withdrawal of Russian gas from transit volumes to third countries, supplies for transit will be reduced by this volume,” Gazprom said.

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