Baloch Liberation Army Group Warns China Of More Deadly Attacks

The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), seriously warned of more attacks against Chinese targets across Pakistan, just one day after it claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing that killed four, including three Chinese.

A spokesman for BLA, Jeeyand Baloch said that “hundreds of highly trained male and female members of the Baloch Liberation Army’s Majeed Brigade are ready to carry out deadly attacks.”

“These trained BLA’s members are ready to conduct attacks in any part of Balochistan and Pakistan,” AFP quoted Jeeyand Baloch as saying

Baloch warned of more fatal attacks unless the government of China halts its “exploitation projects” in Balochistan and also puts an end to its “occupation of the Pakistani state.”

Three Chinese teachers and a Pakistani driver were killed on Tuesday after a female BLA suicide bomber detonated her explosives next to their minibus near the gate of the Confucius Institute at Karachi University.

BLA in a statement identified the bomber as 30-year-old Shaari Baloch, a married mother of an eight-year-old girl and four-year-old boy.

Meanwhile, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on Pakistan to ensure the safety of all Chinese citizens and interests. Beijing also called for a thorough investigation of Tuesday’s bombing and warned its citizens in Pakistan to “take strict precautions”, and avoid unnecessary travel.

Tuesday’s incident is not the first attack against Chinese nationals in Pakistan. In April 2021, a suicide bomber attacked a hotel hosting the Chinese ambassador in Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan.

The hotel attack, which was claimed by the Pakistan Taliban, left four people dead and wounded dozens of others while the ambassador was unhurt.

In July 2021, 13 people, including nine Chinese workers were killed after a vehicle they were traveling in was hit by a bomb in northwestern Pakistan.

Pakistan and China are linked to several development projects, including 54 billion programs known as China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to upgrade energy links and infrastructure. 

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