Norwegian Activists Arrested for Blocking Russian Oil Tanker

Norwegian police arrested seven Greenpeace activists and Extinction Rebellion campaigners on Monday who blocked a tanker from delivering Russian oil to an Exxon Mobil terminal.

Aud Hegli Nordø, a spokesperson for Greenpeace Nordic, said that The Ust Luga, packed with Russian jet fuel worth $116 million, was on its way to Slagentangen port, about 53 miles south of Oslo when activists attached themselves to its anchor.

Marine Traffic data showed on Monday that the Ust Luga tanker is anchored outside Exxon Mobil’s Norwegian Esso unit at the Slagen oil terminal, around 70 kilometers south of Oslo.

Nordø added that seven Greenpeace activists set off in boats across the Oslo Fjord waters and attached themselves to the anchor to prevent the tanker from docking.

“Oil is not only at the root of the climate crisis but also of wars and conflicts. I am shocked that Norway operates as a free port for Russian oil, which we know finances Putin’s warfare… The fact that our government still allows the import of Russian fossil fuels in the current situation is unfathomable,” Greenpeace Norway head Frode Pleym said.

Norwegian police said that all the Greenpeace activists and Extinction Rebellion campaigners had been removed from the area.

Greenpeace called on the Norwegian government to ban imports of Russian fossil fuels and has urged Exxon Mobil’s Norwegian Esso unit to cancel any contracts for such imports from Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, which Moscow describes as a ‘special military operation’.

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