Israeli Officials Say US Close To Admit Failure In Iran Nuclear Talks

Israeli officials on Tuesday said that the US is close to admitting failure on US President Joe Biden’s stated goal to return to Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal.

“Chances of world powers signing a new nuclear deal with Iran are greatly diminished,”   said  Israeli  officials.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the officials said that the US administration is much more willing these days, then it was in the past to admit the talks are likely to fail.

Talks between Iran and the world powers have been stalled for six weeks now, and the halt came after Tehran demanded Washington to remove its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from a US terror list.

A senior Israeli diplomatic official had recently claimed that Biden administration officials notified their European counterparts that Washington does not plan on delisting Iran’s IRGC.

Israeli National Security Adviser Eyal Hulata on Monday met with his US counterpart Jake Sullivan in Washington. The meeting between the officials took place one day after Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett that he would visit Israel in the coming months.

During the meeting, Sullivan told Hulata that “the US is attuned to Israel’s concerns about threats to its security, including first and foremost from Iran and Iranian-backed proxies.”

During his conversation with Biden on Sunday, Bennett said that “I am sure that President Biden, who is a true friend of Israel and cares about its security, will not remove the Revolutionary Guards from the [State Department’s] list of [Foreign] Terrorist Organizations,” The Times reported, citing a statement from Bennett’s office.

Iran and representatives from UK, China, France, Germany and Russia directly, and the United States indirectly were engaged in Vienna talks to salvage Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal for over a year, but no breakthrough was achieved so far.

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