Shanghai Authorities Fence in Areas with COVID Outbreak

Shanghai authorities have fenced residential buildings in the city to contain a COVID-19 outbreak while it battles the country’s biggest outbreak by closing off some areas and forcing all those who tested positive into quarantine.

Many of the fences were located around locations designated as “sealed areas,” which are residential buildings with at least one COVID-19 positive. 

The three-week lockdown in Shanghai has fueled frustration among the public over lost wages, family separations, poor conditions in quarantine, and lack of access to medical care and food.

Authorities have also converted entire communities, including uninfected people, into quarantine centers, saying they need to disinfect their homes.

Meanwhile, the city government has continued to conduct daily citywide COVID-19 tests. 

On Sunday, China reported 21,796 new community-transmitted COVID-19 infections, many asymptomatic cases in Shanghai. 

Across the country, many cities and provinces have enforced some version of a lockdown to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

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