US Says Iraq Needs To Form New Government to Stop Instability

The US on Friday called on the Iraqi political leaders to expedite the process of government formation to stave off instability, as the country failed to elect a new president and Prime Minister after six months since national elections were held.

US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq and Iran, Jennifer Gavito said that it’s time for Iraq’s leaders to form a government now that the public have made their voice heard.

“Our concerns are multifaceted, the ongoing delay in government formation is first and foremost a delay in the new Iraqi government being able to provide the services and deliver on the mandate for which they were elected,” The National News quoted Gavito as saying.

“This manifests itself in the lack of a budget and being able to move forward on a key priority for us in having a partner to be able to work with on priority areas,” Gavito furthered.

Gavito said that the US was eager to work with that new government on key issues and mutual concerns, including Iraq’s stability and sovereignty and empowerment for all Iraqis.

The US will work with the Iraqi government in areas of corruption, human rights protection, energy independence and climate and health, according to Gaviot.

Gavito said that the US wants to see a “strong, united and resilient Iraq, and we will stay with Iraq to support and be a friend to the Iraqi people.”

Iraqi lawmakers had recently failed for a third time to elect a new national president for lack of a quorum, prolonging the war-scarred country’s political crisis.

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