UAE Freezes Assets Of Kinahan Crime Gang

The United Arab Emirates has frozen the assets of the Kinahan crime gang, accused of smuggling drugs and weapons into Europe.

BBC reported that the Irish-organized crime group is believed to frequently use Dubai as part of its operations.

The UAE’s decision to sanction the Kinahan gang comes as the Gulf state comes under increasing pressure to prevent itself from being used as a drug trade and money laundering hub.

The sanctions came after US authorities offered a $5m reward to those with information leading to the conviction of either of the two men accused of leading the Kinahan gang.

Daniel Kinahan, 44, has previously been named in the Irish courts as the head of one of Europe’s most prominent drug gangs while his father Christopher Sr., 65, and brother Christopher Jr, 41., were also among those sanctioned.

The Kinahan gang reportedly has strong links to the world’s most famous professional boxers including world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Tyson Fury earlier said that he had “absolutely zero” involvement with the Kinahan gang.

Quoting UAE authorities, BBC reported that Emirates’ move is in line with its national framework and international commitments to tackle crime.

Meanwhile, Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin described UAE’s announcement as “very welcoming news.” 

“Ultimately crime does not pay and I think what this illustrates is the power of countries working together on the international level,” Martin added.

The British Treasury Department had earlier said that the gang now uses Dubai as a hub for its illegal activities, and operates in Ireland, the UK, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates, with interests in the drug trade and money laundering.

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