Taliban Bans TikTok and PUBG Due to Immorality

The Taliban-led Afghanistan government will ban China-owned video application TikTok along with the mobile game PUBG due to its alleged immorality and because it was a “waste of time.”

Taliban Spokesman, Inamullah Samangani said in a tweet that the Tiktok, along with the mobile game PUBG was “misleading the younger generation”.

Samangani said that the decision was made following the Cabinet Ministers’ meeting. “The ministry of communications and information technology was ordered to remove the apps from internet servers and make them inaccessible to everyone across Afghanistan,” Samangani added.

Samangani also called on the Afghan television channels to stop airing “immoral” content.

The Taliban continued to impose new restrictions on the Afghans along with banning girls from going to schools and also limiting access to information aimed at promoting freedom of the press in Afghanistan.

The Taliban has already banned several foreign media outlets and also arrested and harassed a number of Afghan journalists and social activities.

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