Germany, Portugal, Spain Urge the French to Vote for Macron

German, Portuguese, and Spanish leaders urged France Thursday to vote for Emmanuel Macron in the elections this weekend, saying the choice of the French will be crucial for all of Europe.

France will have its second round of the presidential election on Sunday to pick from among the 12 candidates. The center-left leaders of Germany, Spain, and Portugal urged the French to vote for the centrist Macron over Marine Le Pen, a far-right leader. 

In an opinion column on Friday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Portugal Prime Minister Antonio Luis Santos da Costa, and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón expressed hope that France will vote for a candidate that upholds unity and solidarity. 

Although the column did not name any candidate, the three leaders wrote that France should choose a candidate “who believes that France is stronger in a powerful and autonomous European Union.”

The three leaders said “a far-right candidate” has been openly siding with those attacking European freedom and democracy. The three claimed that Populists and the far right in all of Europe have echoed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nationalist claims, and have copied his attacks on minorities.

The leaders said that France was the driving force behind European reconciliation after the 20th-century world wars. 

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