Texas Judge Delays Alex Jones’ Trial After Infowars Filed for Bankruptcy

A judge in Texas on April 20 delayed the trial of right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones after his radio show Infowars and his other entities filed for bankruptcy earlier in the week.

Travis County District Judge Maya Guerra Gamble postponed the trial for a lawsuit brought by the families of two victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting that killed 26 people.

“As soon as I do get a remand (from bankruptcy court), I will be resetting this trial. We are going to go to trial as soon as I possibly can,” Gamble said.

Jones filed for bankruptcy for Infowars and two other entities he owns, claiming liabilities of as much as $10 million for each, according to court filings.

The bankruptcy filing temporarily pauses civil litigation against businesses.

The families sued Jones for defamation after he made false claims on his far-right radio show that the shooting was “a hoax.”

The trial, which was scheduled to begin in Austin next week, would determine how much money Jones should pay to the victims’ families.

Mark Bankston, the attorney representing the families, accused Jones of executing a “perverse scheme to defraud the Sandy Hook parents.”

“Every single time Mr. Jones has attempted to sabotage this lawsuit through some corrupt stunt, it has ended with him further in the hole and owing to my clients even more money in court sanctions,” Bankston said, as quoted by CNN.

Families of Sandy Hook victims in Connecticut, where the shooting took place, also sued Jones for defamation.

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