China COVID Lockdown Extended to Wuhu

The city government of Wuhu in Anhui province said it had taken decisive measures to lock down the city following a single confirmed COVID-19 case on Sunday.

The city of 2.4 million inhabitants woke up to official orders to stay indoors and get tested for the virus, local media reported.

“Right now I feel like not many people are short of supplies because it’s just the beginning,” Megan Liu, a Wuhu resident who works for a foreign trade company, said. “But I see a lot of crazy hoarding, a lot of group buying, everybody’s hoarding.”

Each lockdown of a town, officials insist, brings China closer to its goal of defeating COVID-19.

Most Wuhu residents said they accepted the government’s restrictions as long as it ensured food and medicine supplies and allowed chronically ill patients to visit hospitals.

The lockdown measures in Wuhu and elsewhere have drawn criticism online for being too hasty.

“I personally feel it could have been controlled earlier, so it could have been solved quickly,” said Xia Zhenxing, a businessman who lives on the edge of Wuhu.

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