UK Energy Provider Heads Warn of Impending Fuel Poverty

The End Fuel Poverty Coalition (EFPC) warned that the energy crisis could leave 8.5 million households in the United Kingdom without access to heat and electricity.

The EFPC which includes nearly 50 organizations, warned that frigid homes cost lives and that more weak and elderly people could die next winter if the UK Chancellor does not take further measures.

Simon Francis, the Co-ordinator of the End Fuel Poverty Coalition said “The Government must take urgent action to ensure people don’t have to choose between heating and eating this winter while rapidly deploying programs to improve the energy efficiency of homes.”

The advocates are appealing to the government to reduce rates for the most vulnerable households as wholesale prices rise owing to the Ukraine crisis, with dire projections that energy bills might rise to £3,000 per year throughout the UK.

“When energy bills hit £2,000 a year there will be over 6.5 million UK households in fuel poverty. Analysts suggest the war in Ukraine could drive average bills to £3,000 per year. This could leave 8.5 million UK households in fuel poverty denied a warm safe home. This is a disaster and inevitably, will lead to more needless winter deaths.” expressed Adam Scorer, Chief Executive of fuel poverty charity National Energy Action (NEA).

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