UK Court Approves Assange Extradition

The UK Magistrates’ Court has decided to issue an order to extradite Julian Assange to the US.

WikiLeaks founder Assange who was charged with espionage in the US for several years is now awaiting UK Home Secretary Priti Patel’s decision before May 18. 

A British district court judge had initially rejected the extradition request because of the possibility that Assange might kill himself if held under harsh US prison conditions.

The UK Supreme Court announced last month that it refused Assange’s permission to appeal against a lower court’s ruling that he could be extradited to the US after fighting a long legal battle. 

Assange however was still given legal options including four weeks to appeal to Patel or the High Court.

“Publishing information that is in the public interest is a cornerstone of media freedom. Extraditing Julian Assange to face allegations of espionage for publishing classified information would set a dangerous precedent and leave journalists everywhere looking over their shoulders,” said Agnes Callamard, Amnesty International’s Secretary-General.

Assange has been detained at Britain’s high-security Belmarsh Prison in London since 2019 

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