Taiwanese TV Network Accidentally Broadcast Chinese Invasion False Alarm

Chinese Television Systems mistakenly reported that the Chinese armed forces had launched an invasion, firing missiles at cities and ports in Taipei on Wednesday.

Chinese Television Systems, a Taiwanese television station, admitted the error after people asked the New Taipei City government whether a Chinese invasion has started and blamed an unknown number of its staff members for the blunder.

“New Taipei City was hit by communist missiles, the Taipei port has exploded, facilities and ships were damaged and destroyed,” the Chinese Television Systems news ticker read.

CTS issued an on-air ‘clarification and apology’ several hours later and said that the report had been created in conjunction with emergency services for the drills but had been accidentally broadcast.

“The news ticker content shown earlier was part of a disaster prevention video created by the New Taipei Fire Department. Today, due to incorrect settings, the content of yesterday’s video was mistakenly inserted,” CTS said on its YouTube live stream.

Chinese Television Systems apologized after the error and for causing public panic.

CTS called an emergency meeting and would conduct an internal review of the oversight and added that it will ‘severely punish’ those responsible after initiating an internal probe.

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