South Korea “Comfort women” Pact with Japan Becomes Official

Incoming South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin said the bilateral agreement with Japan in 2015 over comfort women has become official.

Park’s statement came ahead of the newly elected president Moon Jae In’s visit to Japan to discuss bilateral issues. Park also expressed that Moon had acknowledged the pact over comfort women.

“The most important part is joint efforts from South Korea and Japan to recover the honor and dignity of the victims,” Park said.

The bilateral agreement stated that the Republic of South Korea would establish a foundation to support all comfort women abused during World War II, while the Government of Japan would provide a one-time financial aid of ¥ 1 billion to the foundation.

Japan acknowledged the abuses of its military authorities against a “large number of women” before and during World War II. Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed his remorse and apologies to all comfort women who suffered physical and psychological abuses.

On December 28, 2015, the two countries said that the agreement had finally and irreversibly resolved the issue on comfort women. South Korea said that the two countries also agreed to stop criticizing one another over the issue in the international community, given that Japan would steadily implement the measures of the agreement.

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