Japanese QAnon Leader Arrested

Tokyo police arrested one of the leaders of the YamatoQ group on suspicion of unlawful entry into a COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Shibuya Ward on Wednesday.

The Metropolitan Police Department said the arrest of Hiroyuki Kuraoka, 43, is the latest in a series of arrests involving people suspected to be members of the YamatoQ group, an organization adamantly opposed to COVID-19 vaccinations.

YamatoQ is the Japanese wing of QAnon, a movement spreading internet conspiracy theories and supporting former U.S. President Donald Trump.

The Metropolitan Police Department arrested four other members of YamatoQ after they trespassed a medical clinic in Shibuya Ward utilized as a vaccination site for children from around 9:30 A.M. on April 7.

Tokyo police said that about 10 YamatoQ members, including Kuraoka, stormed into the clinic, yelling, “Vaccination is a crime,” and demanding to speak to the clinic’s director.

Tokyo police did not reveal whether Kuraoka admitted to the charge or not.

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