Hong Kong DJ Sentenced to 40 Months Jail for Alleged Sedition

A Hong Kong pro-democracy activist and radio DJ was sentenced to jail on Wednesday for 40 months after being found guilty of seditious speech and other crimes last month.

Tam Tak-chi, activist, radio DJ, and former vice-chairperson of People Power, was found guilty of 11 charges at Hong Kong District Court.

“Live long, mother, wait for me,” Tam shouted as he was taken away from the court.

Judge Chan said that Tam’s sentencing was aggravated because his seditious speech continued after China imposed a national security law on Hong Kong in 2020.

Maya Wang, a senior China researcher at Human Rights Watch, told a news outlet that Hong Kong is now sentencing people to years in prison simply for shouting slogans.

Tam has been sentenced to 40 months in prison and given a $5,000 fine after being convicted of 11 charges, including seven counts under the colonial-era sedition law.

Tam is the first to be tried for sedition in Hong Kong since its 1997 handover to China.

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