German Employers and Unions Oppose EU Ban on Russian Gas

German employers and unions opposed Europe’s embargo on Russian gas, saying the ban would have a greater impact on the German economy than on Russia.

Rainer Dulger, chairman of the BDA employer’s group, and Reiner Hoffmann, chairman of the DGB trade union confederation, said in a joint statement on Wednesday that although they support the sanctions the German government has imposed on Russia, they do not agree that the gas embargo would be an effective measure to put pressure on Russia.

According to the German unions, banning Russian gas would lead to production losses, production standstills, further deindustrialization, and sustained job losses.

“To continue to support Ukraine and keep the pressure on Russia, we need a stable economy and a stable labor market. We will still have many challenges to overcome in the coming months. We cannot do this from a position of weakness,” the unions said.

Earlier this month, a joint forecast of German economic institutes stated that Germany will face a “sharp recession” if an immediate embargo on Russian oil will be implemented.

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