585 War Crime Suspects Identified By Ukraine

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine has identified 585 war crime suspects in the case of Russian aggression toward Ukraine.

The office identified the suspects as representatives of the military and political leadership of Russia including  ministers, deputies, military command officials, heads of law enforcement agencies, instigators of war, and Kremlin propagandists.

Ukrainian law enforcement registered thousands of criminal proceedings against the Russian Federation. The law enforcement registered 7,280 criminal proceedings into crimes of aggression and war crimes, 7,073 violations of the laws and customs of war, 44 crimes related to planning, preparing, or waging an aggressive war, nine crimes related to the propaganda of war, and 154 classified as other crimes.

On April 3, Human Rights Watch reported cases of Russian forces violating laws of war against civilians including killings, sexual violence, and looting of civilian properties.

Other registered crimes included 3,326 crimes against the national security of Ukraine including 2,180 crimes related to intrusion on Ukraine’s territorial integrity, 569 related to treason, 58 related to sabotage, and 519 classified as other crimes.

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