Taiwan to Hold Referendum on Lowering Voting Age

The Central Election Commission said on Friday that they will hold a referendum on a proposed constitutional amendment to lower the voting age in Taiwan from 20 to 18 in conjunction with nationwide elections for local offices on November 26.

The Legislative Yuan approved the proposal for a constitutional amendment on March 25 to lower the age from 20 to vote in elections and be elected in votes of 109-0.

The Central Election Commission said the measure will need the support of at least half of all eligible voters casting a ballot in the referendum minimum of 9.65 million will need to come out and vote in favor on November 26.

The Central Election Commission said that the fixing of the referendum date should consider the effect of civic participation in constitutional reform because the proposed amendment reflected a high degree of consensus from the ruling and opposition parties in the Legislative Yuan.

The Central Election Commission added that they will hold the local election day on a public holiday to make it more convenient for businesses to organize shifts for their workers to vote.

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