Seminarian Dead after Crucifixion Reenactment Goes Wrong

A first-year university student in southeastern Nigeria collapsed and died while participating in a reenactment of Jesus’s crucifixion on Friday.

Ambrose, 25, was a student at the Claretian Institute of Philosophy and taking classes to become a priest.

“Initially when it happened, we thought it was a joke, and that it was part of the drama, it was when he could not get up that was when we knew it was a serious matter and he was rushed to hospital,” one of the students said, according to reports.

Ambrose was collaborating in a reenactment of Jesus’s crucifixion and was given the function of Simon Peter, a Disciple of Jesus, through the play “Ardour of Christ.”

According to Vanguard, a Nigerian news outlet, one person at the university said that people thought Ambrose was joking when he collapsed, that it was part of the drama. 

Meanwhile, the university administrators suspended all Easter activities as a result of the incident.

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