Oil Tanker Sinks Off Tunisia, Divers Claim 750t of Fuel Has not Leaked

Government divers have claimed that Xelo, a tanker carrying 750 tons of diesel fuel has not leaked yet after it sunk while sailing from Egypt to Malta last Saturday off Tunisia’s southeast coast.

Xelo sailed under the flag of Equatorial Guinea and was carrying about 750 tons of diesel when it departed the Egyptian port of Damietta and was sailing to Malta before sinking off the coast of Gabes due to bad weather conditions. 

“There are minimal leaks, which are not even visible to the naked eye and fortunately the oil is evaporating, so there should not be a disaster in the Gulf of Gabes,” said Mohamed Karray, spokesman for a court in Gabes.

Xelo’s crew of 7 were rescued before the ship sank and hospitalized while there were no reported major injuries. 

“Preparations are currently underway for the hypothesis of suctioning the amount of fuel, whereby barriers will be set up to limit its spread and cordon off the sinking place of the ship, while sending divers to inspect the ship’s condition and the location of the fuel leakage, to take the necessary measures to prevent any pollution,” said Tunisian Minister of Environment, Lilia Chikhaoui.

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