Iran Warns Israel during Military Parade Showing Surface-to-Surface Missiles

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi said Monday that they were aware of every move of Israel, warning of a possible and swift response in case Israel commits the slightest offensive against Iran.

Speaking in the National Army Day ceremony marked by the Army’s military parade in Tehran, Raisi said that even the smallest movements of the Israeli regime were not hidden from Iranian “military, intelligence, and security forces.”

“We will respond at the heart of the Zionist regime in case they attempt to attack Iran,” Raisi was quoted by IRNA news.

Raisi also hailed the unity between Iran’s two military organizations, the Amy and the IRGC, as being exemplary and said that the armed forces in Iran have a lot of capabilities.

Meanwhile, the Iranian army deployed surface-to-surface Fath 360 and Labeik missiles as well as the Dezful and Majid air defense systems during the parade.

Recently, Iran has used missiles, targeting Erbil in the northern Kurdish region, claiming they have targeted an Israeli intelligence base. 

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