Ten al-Qaida Militants Escape From Yemeni Prison

Yemeni officials launched a search operation after ten al-Qaida inmates escaped from a prison in Yemen’s eastern province of Hadramawt.

“The inmates staged a quarrel among themselves late Thursday at the prison in the city of Seiyun, forcing guards to intervene,”  quoted Yemeni officials.

The officials, who asked to remain anonymous, said that when the guards stepped in, the inmates seized their Kalashnikov rifles and “binding their hands” before running away.

“Preliminary investigations indicated that the inmates must have coordinated their move with prison guards who collaborated, as well as other militants from outside,” they added.

The Yemen-based al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) network has been responsible for many high-profile attacks against security forces of the regional countries and also attempted to carry out attacks on the US mainland.

The Yemeni officials said that a list of the fugitives’ names has been put out on social media and searching operation continues to capture them.

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