Shanghai Residents Clash with Police Over COVID-19 Lockdown

A video from Shanghai has shown residents being violently dispersed and apprehended by police for refusing to comply with the COVID-19 lockdown regulations.

Police were striking and grappling with residents as they tried to prevent them from approaching their homes.

The residents were reportedly trying to stop police from seizing their homes in the  Zhangjiang Nashi International Community which would be turned into patient housing. 

“It’s madness. We’ve never thought this could have happened in Shanghai. Are we no longer China’s window to the world? Aren’t bureaucrats in Shanghai ashamed of what’s been happening in our city in recent weeks?” said one resident. 

Shanghai residents have been on lockdown for several weeks and have not been allowed to leave their homes and have relied on government deliveries for food supplies. 

Other videos of police brutality and residents screaming for help have also been published online but China’s censors have stepped up removing them from social media networks.  

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