Putin Says Russia To Turn East After EU Ditches Russian Gas

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia will redirect its energy eastward as the European Union tries to boycott Russian gas imports.

Putin said that Russia has to build infrastructures to boost energy supplies to the south and southeast. Putin has been establishing ties with Asia, particularly with China. In 2019, Russia started pipeline gas supplies to China.

In a televised government meeting on Thursday, Putin said that the attempt of western countries to push out Russian oil and gas suppliers would only impact the world economy negatively. He added that the so-called “unfriendly countries” cannot do without Russian energy resources, and a replacement for Russian gas does not yet exist.

Russia makes up around 10 percent of the global oil production. Putin said that Russia has started to develop the refinery capacities of the country’s oil and gas and added that the country should also develop its equipment to extract oil and explore new sources such as the Arctic to develop Russia’s oil industry.

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