Kim Jong Un Gives North Korea’s Most Famous Newscaster a Luxury Home

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un gave Ri Chun Hi, the country’s most recognizable state media anchor, a luxurious residence on Thursday for serving as the “voice” of his ruling Workers’ Party.

Along with co-announcer in the Central Broadcasting Committee of Korea Choe Song Won, Ri met Kim at the inauguration of a newly-built residential district in Pyongyang.

“[Kim] said it is the sincerity of the party that there is nothing to spare for the treasures of the country like her who has worked as a revolutionary announcer for the party for more than 50 years since her girlhood,” the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said.

Kim expressed “expectation that she would as ever vigorously continue her work in good health as befitting a spokeswoman for the party.”

Houses in the luxurious residential district, Kyongru-dong, were granted to Ri and other people who had made distinguished service to the state, KCNA said.

Political observers have noted that the move was designed to strengthen the loyalty of Kim’s allies.

The anchor is one of North Korea’s most famous announcers, known for her characteristic emotional tone in reporting the country’s major events in the past decades.

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