France’s Far-Right Candidate Le Pen Calls Rival Macron Most ‘Authoritarian’ President

French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen retorted against her rival Emmanuel Macron’s remark on her authoritarian and extremist views, calling Macron the country’s most authoritarian French president.

“This [criticism] makes me smile because we have never had a president who showed more signs of extremism than Emmanuel Macron,” Le Pen told broadcaster France 2.

Le Pen cited police action against protests under Macron’s administration, such as the yellow vest movement.

Macron had earlier slammed Le Pen for showing her authoritarian intentions after she banned a group of journalists that were critical of her, and also pointed out that she did not rule out a return of the death penalty.

Le Pen asserted in the interview that, if elected, she was considering holding a public referendum for reintroducing the death penalty.

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