Canadian Airports Offer Settlement Services to Ukrainian Refugees

The Canadian government announced that settlement groups around the country banded together to assist Ukrainians arriving through a federal emergency program at airports in Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

Canadian Minister of Immigration Sean Fraser revealed that 41,000 people had been authorized through an emergency travel plan that started last month to help refugees resettle after fleeing Russia’s war with Ukraine.

“We’ll continue to work alongside our provincial and territorial partners, settlement organizations, and the Canadian-Ukrainian community,” said Fraser in a tweet.

A comprehensive online portal incorporating 500 national agencies will be ready later this month so Canadians may offer support such as housing, jobs, and donations to Ukrainian refugees according to Chris Friesen of the Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance.

“Displaced Ukrainians arriving under the Canada-Ukrainian authorization for emergency travel program poses unique challenges for the post-arrival phase,” said Friesen.

Ukrainian refugees have been arriving at Toronto and Edmonton international airports since April 1 and since April 8 in Vancouver.

According to Fraser, the majority of the Ukrainian refugees are now in Warsaw or Berlin while many were offered the opportunity to stay in Canada briefly to take advantage of government services such as language training, child care, and job placement assistance.

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