Ukraine President Zelensky Claims over 500,000 Ukrainians Forcibly Taken to Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has claimed that over 500,000 Ukrainians have been forcibly taken to the Russian Federation.

According to a report by state news agency Ukrinform, Zelensky made the remarks during his speech in the Parliament of Estonia. 

Zelensky said these Ukrainians “have been forcibly deported”. 

“Just imagine how many it is! It is as if the occupiers decided to take the entire Tallinn away. The entire city. It is one-third of your population,” Zelensky added. 

Russians were allegedly attempting to deport deported Ukrainians to Russia’s far-flung regions, stealing their paperwork and personal things, including cell phones.

Zelensky revealed that Ukrainian children were separated from their parents and Russians have allowed Russian families to adopt them illegally. 

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